What is pomade?

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomade

The reemergence of popular pomade use coincides with the rise in popularity of the disconnected undercut hairstyle. The hairstyle is characterized by buzzed or faded sides, and a much longer top which is disconnected from the side hairs. The undercut hairstyle was first popularized in the early 20th century as affordable barbershops used the newly invented hair clipper to quickly and cheaply shave the sides of men’s heads; leaving long top hairs that would be styled with pomade. The style was featured in many popular period movies during the 2010s and shows such as Peaky Blinders and war films. Stars such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt were seen donning this style of hair. The heavy hold and slick look of pomade is very well suited to control the long hair of most undercut styles.[10]


Today’s pomades fall under 2 main categories with some subcategories. Most Pomades can be divided between traditional oil based pomades and water based pomades.[11] Traditional oil based pomades are generally subdivided into 3 more groups: heavy hold, medium hold, and light hold. Heavier pomades generally have a higher wax content and better hold their shape throughout the day. The higher wax content usually results in a lower shine pomade. Light holds, sometimes called a brilliantine, have a higher oil content and therefore are usually more shiny. This type of pomade has a wet look and a lower hold. Some prominent modern oil based pomades are Reuzel, Lockhart’s, and Murray’s. The water based pomades are split between gel-based pomades(Orthodox) and Unorthodox pomades. Gel pomades come in different degrees of hold. Firm hold pomades dry much more stiff and are better at holding a particular style; they generally are less malleable and can only be restyled during the day by wetting the hair. These pomades generally contain hardening agents such as polyvinyl pyrolidone or vinyl pyrolidone.[12] Some popular gel pomades include SuavecitoLayrite and Imperial. Unorthodox water based pomades mimic the malleable qualities of oil based pomades while still being able to be easily washed out like a gel pomade. Popular unorthodox water based pomades include Nostalgic GroomingO’doudsDauntlessShear Revival, and Black Ship pomades.


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